The Initiation – Anal Erotica

anal biker erotica

It’s time for a racy title, in The Initiation, a biker anal erotica story, that’ll hit all the right places ;)

Here’s the background to the story:

Small town girl Becca, yearns to escape the stifling restrictions of her hometown and the closed minds of the locals and her parents. Packing her bags and leaving – forsaking a marriage to clean-cut banker, Daniel – she takes to the road, hitch-hiking to satiate her wanderlust.

Cas is the rough and tough leader of a biker gang, and one day happens upon Becca in distress. Taking the law into his own hands against the perpetrator, the tattooed bad-boy biker shows all the reasons why he’s the leader of the pack. Becca is confused about her feelings when she decides she wants to stay around the muscular Cas, but first, she must pass an initiation test that will expose her deepest fantasy that has remained hidden for years…

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Her Billionaire’s Creative Curve – The Final Part 10!

bbw curves romance

The final part of Her Billionaire’s Creative Curve – Part 10 is released today for all of you who have been waiting for it, and there’s still a surprise in store: Amazon  Barnes and Noble  Google Play  Apple  A.R.E  or  Smashwords

Is both the mysterious billionaire, Brody Mason, and Jenna, really out of the woods? Or has Brody Mason got one last job to do that will break all the trust Jenna has built-up and sacrificed for? Jenna doesn’t understand why Brody seems so secretive every time he takes a call, and tries hard to tell herself she should trust the sometimes mercurial billionaire, but Brody has a request that makes her suspicion deepen.

Sent to a far away island to meet with one of Brody’s associates, Jenna can’t help but feel pensive as Brody remains in New York. Has Brody Mason really mended his ways? All will be revealed in this the final part of the bbw erotic romance, Her billionaire’s Creative curve…

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ps: Thanks to all of you who have been following this series, I really appreciate your support!


Doctors Orders – First Time Erotica

doctor erotica

It’s been a while since I’ve released a hot erotic story because I’ve been concentrating on writing one of my series.

But just released today is ‘Doctors Orders – The First Time‘, the story of virginal Jenny’s surprise meeting in the doctor’s clinic, with the handsome Doctor Bradley Manning…

Due to low grades, twenty-one year old Jenny takes her frustration out on her car door, but unfortunately injures her knee. Taking a trip to her local Doctor’s clinic, she’s disappointed to find out her usual Doctor is too busy to see her. But in his place is the new and delectable Bradly Manning (M.D)

Unsure of if to put her trust in the young but experienced Doctor, Jenny finds all her doubts melting away when he notices her on the way to the water-cooler and inquires about her injury. It is then that Jenny realizes who, and what, she’s been saving her virginity for, for all those years…

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ps: For everyone who’s waiting for the final part 10 of Her Billionaire’s Creative Curve, the bbw erotic romance series, it’ll be out this coming Tuesday!


Her Billionaire’s Creative Curve – Part 9

billionaire erotic romance

The penultimate part nine of the bbw erotic romance, Her Billionaire’s Creative Curve is out now!

With her daring move about to take place, and everything on the line with billionaire Brody Mason, Jenna find indecision getting the better of her, but will she finally make a choice to go through with the gambit that will seal her fate with billionaire Brody Mason once and for all?

Brody Mason must pull-off one of the most audacious moves of his secret career, in order to ensure his and Jenna’s future happiness. But one detective believes he has Brody right where he wants him. In this part nine, it’s a race of time, and battle of wits, to decide who will win this game of chess with high stakes, and ever shifting pieces…

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Her Billionaire’s Creative Curve Part 8!

bbw erotic romance

Part eight of the bbw erotic suspense series, Her Billionaire’s Creative Curve is out now!

Deciding to move ahead in their relationship together, Brody and Jenna try to work out their differences. But although Brody’s love for Jenna is apparent, there is still one final bridge to cross before the pair can truly enjoy the new trust that has been won between them. Jenna feels pensive, but realizes there is something she’d rather not do, that she must

Detective Briggs though, is not a man to let sentimentality get in his way, and an anonymous tip-off tells him all he needs to know about billionaire Brody Mason, and his past that has been shrowded in mystery…

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