Vampire Erotica – Taking the Reluctant Virgin!

Vampires as They Used to Be - Interview With a Vampire

I’m not a big fan of the recent vampire craze (twilight/vampire diaries) it must be said; but this isn’t because I dislike vampires, it’s simply because I like ‘old skool’ vampires.  I honestly can’t get into seventeen year old vampires who walk around pasty skinned and moody while experiencing their teenage angst. What ever happened to vampires who were socially erudite, sophisticated and hopefully rich, not to mention manly?

I’m talking Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise in Interview With a Vampire types. Even Gary Oldman would be better than these wet-behind-the-ears sorts who are practically scared to touch a girl, and so constantly avoid seducing her! What woman wants to avoid the seduction of a well-bred and well-heeled vampire who whispers sweet debauchery in her ears, and compels her?

Vampire EroticaIt was with this in mind that I wrote my latest erotica story, Vampire Billionaire – Taking the Virgin (‘cos that’s what vampires do, they seduce and ravish virgins, that’s their thing, not being moody and refusing to get to the point.)

The story is about a French Count who has lived hundreds of years until the present day where he resides in New York. He first chose to become a vampire after the woman he loved was murdered by the aristocratic family of the woman who he was suppossed to marry. His pain was so great that he chose emotional numbness and immortality as a vampire, that is, until his path crosses with a young virgin who looks exactly the same as his murdered paramour, and his heart inexplicably stirs.

There is quite a deep sense of erotic romance running through this particular story, which is different from some of my other stuff like Easy Ride Her, yet of course it gets hot none the less!

Here’s an excerpt just for you all:

‘La Roche leaned over Diana’s body and took the fragrance of her pure skin and perfection in. She was just as he’d remembered. It was like a window had been cast back to hundreds of years previous, when he and Aimee had made love in a secluded cherry grove. Diana was breathing deeply, and La Roche calmed her,

“Do not be afraid my love, for you have always been with me.”

Diana’s hands gripped the leather seat, her eyes darted to the left, trying to see if passers-by outside the car could see her distress, but the windows were tinted, and no one could see her plight, much less the vampire master beside her. La Roche continued to talk to her about things she knew nothing of, his memories of her hundreds of years before, and the pain and longing he’d felt when she’d died. All of it was confusing to Diana, yet within her there was a recognition, a kind of complete acceptance of what he was saying to her. His eyes seemed to engulf her every time she looked into them, and so she tried in vain not to…  ‘

There is a bit of a twist to the ending of this story that you probably won’t expect, I’ll say no more, as I don’t want to spoil it.

I look forward to the day when vampires are real men again, and I hope my vampire erotica story is one step in the right direction. You’ll certainly not find me ever writing my vampires as socially incapabable teenagers who don’t know how to give a girl exactly what she secretly wants!

Get Vampire Billionaire – Taking the Virgin from: Amazon – Vampire Billionaire – Taking the Virgin or Barnes and Noble – Vampire Billionaire – Taking the Virgin

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