The Rockstar and the Virgin Part 2: ‘Rockstar Nights’

rockstar nights

I’ve just released part two of ‘The Rockstar and the Virgin’, Rockstar Nights! You may remember the story in part one of Courtney finally meeting her teen idol, Shane, lead singer of Shard; and things got passionate on the canyons of Colorado after the performance at Red Rock.

Part two is set a couple of months later, as Courtney and Shane continue dating, and Courtney spends time with him and the band, on the road.

But all is not idyllic as the constant attention Shane receives from other women starts to make Courtney feel insecure and angry. Things take a turn for the worse one night after the performance, when Kyleen, Shane’s ex, turns up and starts to stir trouble.

Courtney doesn’t realize how devious Kyleen truly is, but she is herself tempted, after hearing about what once happened with Shane, Kyleen and Bam, the lead guitarist. Not wanting to be outdone by Kyleen, Courtney, who’s character is changing considerably, rises to the challenge…

This week you can get part 1, The Rockstar and the Virgin, for just $0.99 on Amazon. I may or may not raise it again afterwards: The Rockstar and the Virgin, or, if you’ve already read it (there are a fair few of you out there,) then dive straight into Rockstar Nights Amazon or Rockstar Nights Barnes & Noble,  where things really heat up and get ‘rockstar wild’!


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