How to do Anal Sex (For Bummies)

how to do anal sex

How to do Anal Sex for Beginners

First off, I should say taboo anal sex isn’t for everyone. In fact, some might argue, it shouldn’t be for anyone! But I’m guessing that’s not you, or you wouldn’t be reading this otherwise. But in case you’re looking to experiment, well then this post is for you.

If you’ve never done it before, then there are things you should know about anal sex. Firstly, don’t ever imagine it’s like it the porn films (or erotica books for that matter) where it just goes up nice and easy. Those girls have been practicing… a lot! It’s just not going to happen like that at the first time (or second, or third.)

Secondly, it has to be done slowly in the beginning… and I mean Sloooooooowww. Otherwise it’s going to be more uncomfortable than you can ever imagine.

Anyway, assuming you yourself have decided you want to try it (I’m not trying to convince you here,) then following these points will get you started right with anal sex

Step-by-step Guide for Anal Sex

1. Most importantly, it could be argued, is that you should never do anal sex with someone who you do not trust completely, and who’s sexual history you don’t fully know about.

2. Use a condom. Really. The anal passage is much more delicate than the vaginal passage. If you do not use protection, you better be 100% sure of your partners sexual history. Just sayin’.

3. Use anal lubrication, because I can assure you, nothing is going up there without it. Soap and water isn’t really sufficent or necessarily hygenic. A lot of soaps have ingredients than can cause irritation too. A good water based lubricant is just what the doctor ordered.

English: A couple engaged in the "spoons&...

English: A couple engaged in the “spoons” sexual position. A rear entry position where both participants lay side-by-side facing the same direction. Deutsch: Ein Paar in der Löffelstellung. Eine Stellung, bei der der Mann von hinten in die Frau eindringt, beide liegen Seite an Seite, mit Blick in die gleiche Richtung. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

4. By far the best position to start off with is the spooning position, but with one of the females legs with the knee up, and one leg from the male across the females straight leg. Doggy style anal sex for the first time is definitely not the position you want to be doing (again, ignore the films.)

5. Do it on the floor, not the bed, the floor, with a nice carpet or rug beneath you. Why? You’ll know why when it first goes up! Every tiny movement will feel like it’s hugely uncomfortable. A bouncy bed underneath you is one of the last things you need. Also, on the floor and in the spooning position, the male can control his movements much easier, and he’s going to need to.

6. Get the guy to excite your anal region first. This could be teasing around with some of the lubricant, or, him licking you there .

7. Have him ease his fingertip in just a small amount, before moving it gently upwards, no hard and fast motions… and of course, clipped nails (don’t forget this point!)

8. After a few minutes of him moving his finger in and out of you softly, and when you begin to feel more comfortable with it, he can then try with his rock hard tool! (I just had to add that)

9. With his and your’s position set, he should just put the tip of his penis in. It’ll pop in with a bit of effort. Don’t have more than the tip in at first. I assure you, that’ll be more than enough! You will gasp, oh yes you will.

10. In that position, with him definitely not moving his hips at all, he should begin to touch your breasts or clitoris, or, some other action you find to be a turn-on. You’ll be needing that if you hope for him to go deeper.

11. After a minute or so (depending on you, the female,) he can go deeper, but remember, slowly. Very slowly. When you begin to feel more comfortable, you can tell him how deep feels comfortable to you.

Final Pointers

It may take a couple of times before you begin to enjoy it. Some, never do, whereas other women go completely gaga over it. It may or may not be for you, so make sure it is something you actually want.

The female should always be in control of anal sex, unless she’s had a lot of experience with it. This is why in the beginning I said you should only be doing it with someone who you trust.

I have one more warning, which I’d feel irresponsible if I didn’t mention. Too much anal sex can lead to the muscles around the anal sphincter becoming too relaxed in your daily day-to-day life. I have heard of girls who had this, and it meant things would come out when they were not suppossed to. You catch my drift I’m sure.

Anal Sex

So, don’t do it that much is my advice, even if you end up loving it.

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