Victoria’s Secret Billionaire 7 – Cover Art

Billionaire BDSM Erotic Romance

I wanted to show you the cover art for part seven of the BDSM erotic romance series ‘Victoria’s Secret Billionaire’. It’s the story of a lingerie model that falls for an English Lord that hires her for a private show at his mansion.

All through the series with the covers I’d decided to do a theme that is a combinations of either ‘reds’ or black and white. Part one has the red theme in her high heel shoes, part two, the black of the mask, with of course, the white background. You can see the rest in the side-bar on the right.

In part seven, without giving the game away too much, Victoria is taken against her will to a far away land, and doesn’t know if this is part of Philip’s training for her as his submissive.

I think the cover looks pretty nice, it has an exotic flavor that I was looking for, plus of course, the wealth that goes with it.

You can now currently get ‘Victoria’s Secret Billionaire part 1’ FREE on Apple and Barnes & Noble. Kobo and Amazon are taking their time though on the free part (I don’t have a choice in when they make it so, but I’ll update when they do.)

Get Part 1 on Apple Free


On Barnes and Noble/Nook

And get ready for a roller coaster ride that takes Victoria to her limits, and into royal intrigue that she can barely fathom, as she falls deeper for the mysterious and handsome Lord Philip Claringdale!

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