Rockstar Dreams – Part 3 of the Erotic Romance Series ‘The Rockstar and the Virgin’

Rockstar Erotic Romance

Apologies to those of you waiting for part 3 of my Rockstar Erotic Romance Series. It was locked in some kind of pointless extended Amazon review process, which means I was seven days late for the deadline that you would have seen on my side bar on the right.

But now it’s finally live, and you can get it here on Amazon: Rockstar Erotic Romance Series Part 3: Rockstar Dreams or on Barnes and Noble

Courtney is still realing from Kyleen’s ruse (Shane’s ex girlfriend,) and is wondering if Shane, lead singer of the rock band Shard, will ever feel the same way towards her. After giving her virginity to the idol, she has put all her eggs in one basket, but things are looking futile, as Shane can never look at her in the same way again.

Here’s a short excerpt that sets the scene for part 3:

Courtney continued to travel with the band, first through San Francisco, then Seattle and onto Portland. Shane seemed bemused that she was still around, and secretly admired the girls tenacity. Yet Kyleen was proving a distraction. Kyleen was ‘a good time girl’, and where the good times were, Kyleen would be, and it seemed she especially wanted to be around whenever Courtney was there.

Shane walked past Courtney on the tour bus and gave her a cursory glance, his eyes hooded under his faded and worn out baseball cap. She remained resolute and unconcerned, staring out of the bus window as the scenery flew by. Shane couldn’t understand it, how could she take this much coldness from him yet still remain.

The Rockstar and the Virgin - Part 1

All I’ll say about what happens is, that due to Courtney’s determination and love, help arrives from an unexpected source, yet it will be the biggest challenge Courtney has ever had to face in her life.

But the really nasty Jerry (Shards manager, and no fan of Courtney’s) still tries to cause as many problems as he can for her!

Get in now here: Rockstar Dreams – Part 3 (Rockstar Erotic Romance Series) or  on Barnes and Noble

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