Breeding Ground Hits the Bestseller List!

Breeding Ground

Last month was a pretty bad month for me. I had a bad case of writers block, and I don’t even believe in writers block! I stared at my screen wondering why what I was suppossed to be writing just wasn’t happening. I finally figured it out when I tried to write something else, and then it flowed… some pieces are not meant to be written until the right time, apparently, contrary to my desires.

So I was really pleased when I just saw today one of my titles ‘Breeding Ground’, hit the number one position in it’s category on All Romance Ebooks.

All Romance Ebooks has recently changed its search function to include erotica and erotic romance categories. Which Amazon, Apple and Barnes and Noble are deliberately censoring in one way or another (I’ll write a post on this another time, as it’s really extensive.)

Breeding Ground was a great little hot short story I wrote some time ago, about a virgin that was taken off on a horse, for breeding, by a warrior tribes leader. She’d seen him as she was growing up, and although he was always so aloof, when the time came, Bastas feels an uncontrollable  attraction to her that he couldn’t deny!

breeding ground



Get Breeding Ground on Amazon – Apple – All Romance – Kobo or Barnes and Noble

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