The Rockstar Romance Continues…

Rock Star Erotic Romance Series

Part four of the Rockstar and the Virgin is now out! Things get more complex as Courtney decides to go back to college. Shane, lead singer of the band Shard, has hurt her beyond what she can possibly endure. Shane, distraught, pines after Courtney, and decides to go down the path of all legendary rockstars…

*Spoiler warning, do not read on if you are following this series*

Shane decides to pursue Courtney, and suprises her as she tries to begin her new life without Shane…

Here’s an excerpt just for you all:

‘She stopped in her tracks. Looking at him through the heads poking up and down. It had seemed like so long that she’d not seen him. She’d deliberately not watched the TV shows about stars, just to avoid the chance of seeing him, and every time Shards’ songs came on the radio, she’d turn it off. But here he now was, right in front of her yet again, and with that look that made her go weak.
Courtney suddenly caught Shanes’ eyes, and he broke through the crowd of people, moving toward her,

“Hey, Court!”
Courtney huffed and stormed off, with Shane trailing behind.

“Hey wait!” Shane shouted, clumsily dropping one of the textbooks he was cradling in his arm.

“Wait… come on… at least talk to me!”
Courtney stopped dead in her tracks and turned and confronted Shane, with the whole group of people that had just been surrounding Shane, looking on.

“What the hell are you doing here!” Courtney screamed, any sense of propriety going out the window.

“I’m happy to see you too.” Shane winked.
Courtney walked off again, and Shane grabbed at her shoulder, making Courtney spin around toward him and shout,

“Get your fucking hand off me!”

“Aww, come on, don’t be like that! I haven’t seen you for a long time Court.”
Shane had kind of expected this reception. But he’d secretly hoped she might be happier to see him. But it was all the same to him, he was here now, and Courtney couldn’t do anything about it. Other than ignore him as usual, which at that moment she wasn’t; so in Shanes’ mind at least, things were already getting better.

“Why are you here? Who asked you to come here, this is my college, do you know how embarrassing this is?”

“I’m going back to college Court.”
“Back to college, back to college! you’ve never been to college in your life!”

“Actually, there was a girl once who took me back to her campus after a concert once… “
Courtney threw her hands in the air in indignation, and turned to walk away again.

“Too much information right? Me and my big mouth… “ Shane grinned wanly.
Courtney whipped around,

“Too much information! Too much uncontrollable libido more like, and this is what you are here for, you wanna’ fuck some more college girls!?”

A mini-skirted girl listening down the corridor fumbled with her cell phone upon hearing that, and dropped it on the floor, breaking the silence that had become a necessity so everyone could hear what was being said, not that Courtney’s shouting couldn’t be heard by one and all anyway.
Shane looked back at the crowd, the girl who had just dropped her phone giving him one of the most warm and welcoming smiles he’d ever seen.

“This is better than TV.” One of the onlookers whispered to her friend.
“I’m just here to get an education Court, I’ve decided that’s what I’m lacking.”
Courtney folded her arms,

“That and common sense.” she retorted, “So out of all the colleges in the country, you chose mine! And I suppose you expect me to believe that’s a coincidence? That you just happened to choose my college?”

“I’d be lying if I said it hadn’t occurred to me that you were here.” Shane was lying. The only reason he was there was for Courtney.

“So tell me,” Courtney asked, “What are you studying? Quantum physics? Rocket science? Or what?”

“They have rocket science here?”

“No you fucking fool, they don’t!”

“I was gonna’ say, I might be quite interested in that course.”
Courtney huffed again in disbelief.

“I’m doing psychology.”

“You mean you’re doing the same as me!? You deliberately chose the same college and course as me!”

“Oh, you also do psychology?” Shane feigned surprise, badly.

“You fucking know I do!”

“Uh, maybe I forgot?” Shane postulated, in the most unconvincing manner possible, “By the way, this college education seems to be really improving your vocabulary… I never remember you using the word ‘fuck’ as much before.”
“So you came here to insult me too?”

“No, no… come on, stop giving me a hard time Court, what say we meet up later after classes.”

“I can’t.” Courtney bristled, “I have a date!”

“Fucking what? With who?”

“My professor.”

As soon as she said it, she regretted it. Everyone in the corridor was listening, and a few of the girls jaws dropped open, with quite a few ‘what the fuck’ faces appearing among them.
“You’re fucking your professor!” Shane shouted, throwing his books hard into the locker, the crash of the weight of the books echoing down the hall… ‘

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