Victoria’s Secret Billionaire – The Finale

Erotic BDSM Romance

The curtain falls for supermodel Victoria Hunt and Lord Philip Claringdale, in the final part of the erotic romance series, Victoria’s Secret Billionaire, part ten. In fact, I should say it’s part ten and eleven, as I found I needed much more in order to finish everything right, and also give the series the fitting ending that it so deserved.

Those of you have have followed the series (thank you for the emails of encouragement,) will know it became much more than a simple erotic romance story. It gained something of a life of its own, as a great deal of mystery elements worked their way into it. It wasn’t my intention from the beginning, it was just one of those things that occured, as is sometimes the case with the creative process.

Part ten finds Victoria still in the predicament she was in previously, but now there is hope, much more than hope in fact. Without giving anything away to those of you who haven’t been following yet, let’s just say part ten is epic. It’s a true rollar-coaster ride of highs and lows, intrigue and action. All these elements were necessary for me to complete this story the way I hope the readers will like. I don’t think anyone will be disappointed (even if I do say so myself.)

When I wrote the final scene, even I surprisingly shed a couple of tears. I’m not usually given to that when I actually write something. Saying goodbye to these characters really pulled on my heart strings more than I expected, and I hope the final installment will do so on yours too.

Thanks to everyone that followed the series. This author truly does appreciate your support 🙂

Get Victoria’s Secret Billionaire part 10 (with part 11 included, at no extra cost) at: Amazon or Barnes and Noble

Thanks again,


ps. If you haven’t started the series yet, you can get part 1 free at the following places (it has twenty ratings at Apple with a 4.5 star average out of five!):  AmazonAppleBarnes and NobleKobo

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