New Adult Erotic Romance – Untouchable You – FREE!

New Adult Erotic Romance

I have just re-released one of my steamy New Adult titles, and you can now get it free here New Adult Erotic Romance. BUT it will only be free for one week, so download it while you can!

It’s a tale of a young girl called Laura, who’s life is a series of wild encounters. She suddenly meets a man on a train who hits all the right buttons, and falls in love with him; however, there is one big, big problem: He’s her estranged sister’s fiance!

Her sister’s handsome, errudite and affluent finace also has a dark past, but realizes within Laura is the one thing he’s always been searching for – not money, not fame – but the one girl who can help him redeem his broken lie of a life. But there are so many things in their way, that Laura resists her ever growing feelings toward him …

Get ‘untouchable You’ New Adult Erotic Romance here, free for one week only! Available in PDF, epub (Apple,) and Mobi (Amazon) files.

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