My First Anal Time – Compelling the Anal Virgin!

Dubious Consent Anal Erotica

The first time we visited Stacy and Rob was in the popular ‘My First Time‘ book, where the alpha bad-boy Rob compels Stacy to give him her virginity. In the second part (both can be read as stand-alone stories) alpha-male Rob, decides that having had suburban Stacy’s virginity isn’t enough, when he realizes what a delight it will be to take her other ‘taboo’ virginity.

College student Stacy refuses, but what she doesn’t know is Rob has a way to persuade her… a way that she really can’t refuse to accept. She finds the arrogant and muscular Rob strangely attractive, but would never give him what he wants as she has a nice clean-cut boyfriend, called Simon. Stacy is torn between doing the right thing and following her own desires, but Rob isn’t one to take no for an answer, as he will soon prove.

There is a great twist at the end of this story you won’t see coming, especially if you’ve read ‘My First Time’, see if you can catch it (I bet you won’t.)

Get ‘My First Anal Time’ from: Amazon  Barnes and Noble  Kobo or Sony


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