Rockstar Rebel – Shane Won’t Give Up HIs Love…

Rockstar Rebel - The Rockstar and the Virgin - Part 5

Caught between a rock and a hard place, Courtney tries to continue her college life. But Shane’s pursuit of her on campus, starts to wear her down. Still in love with Shane, she fights her own feelings, and tries to forget him, as her handsome professor gives her his special attention. Shane pulls out all the stops to try and win her back, knowing it was his bad treatment of her, and his rock lifestyle, that caused her disappointment in him in the first place.

Shane’s past gradually comes to the fore, and he realizes where his bad-boy behavior has stemmed from, but he is about to let ‘the bad-boy’ out of the bag again, and will cause a major incident that will have the whole college gossiping about Courtney and the Rock star!

Get part five of ‘The Rockstar and the Virgin’ erotic romance series  here: Amazon  Barnes & Noble  Kobo

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