The Rockstar and the Virgin – Part 6 Rockstar United Released Now!

rock star romance series

Rockstar United has just gone live on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. For those who are following the story so far, you’ll know how infuriating the lead singer of Shard can be, but you’ll also know how devastatingly charming he is when he realizes the things he’s done wrong.

His sometimes dark and brooding creative nature – combined with his brilliance and passion – is leading him on a journey where he realizes his biggest fan is his one true love. Courtney. But their rocky-road seems to keep throwing things in their path that cause so many misunderstandings.

Both of them are realizing who they really are, as the mirror of their desires (each other) reflect back to them their true selves.

Here’s an excerpt from part 6 for you all *Spoiler Alert*:

‘The stretch limo pulled-up in front of the pair. Shane had made the call to Jerry, as the two of them sat in a coffee shop, with Shane holding her hands in his. Wiping the line of cream off Courtney’s upper-lip from the frappuccino she’d been drinking, he then licked it into his own mouth off his finger. Courtney giggled,

“You’re so bad!”

“Bad for others maybe, but good for you.”

Courtney wondered if Shane could really change like he’d said he would, but at that moment all she could feel was so happy she was with Shane, and amazed that she was now officially in the band Shard. Not even in her wildest teenage fantasies had she ever imagined it would be possible, but she did have some concerns,

“Shane, what will I actually do in the band, you know I can only play one song that Bam taught me. It’s not even close to being enough.”

“You shouldn’t worry about it babe, I could hear you had talent, I’ll teach you more. And I must confess, I know you can sing.”

“You’ve never heard me sing Shane,” Courtney replied, looking down self-consciously at a lock of her hair she was running through her fingers, ”I have a terrible voice.”

“I know for a fact that, that’s just not true. Did you forget all those times in the shower when you were alone, and you sang to yourself?”

“You knew?! But I sang quietly, how did you know?”

Shane took his sunglasses off and looked at the wonder dancing in her eyes, it had been so long since he’d seen that fascination in her again. Toying with the arm of his glasses in his mouth, he grinned at her, the lips that had sent twenty or more songs into the top-ten and propelled Shard onto three platinum discs, curving up at the corners,

“I used to just sit outside with my back up against the door and listen to you. I always looked forward to that time. You’d slink off and think I was concentrating on my song writing, but I’d get up once I heard the water running, and get inspiration from listening to you.”

Courtney’s hand shot up covering her mouth as she gasped, her eyes widened,

“You’ve actually listened to me!? Oh my God I can’t believe it, I’m so embarrassed!”

Shane laughed and looked down, turning his cup on the table with the tips of his fingers, and looked back up at her not quite raising his head fully,

“There’s really no need to be, you can sing, you need a bit of work perhaps, but the raw talent is there. I must admit, hearing you singing some of my own songs was quite a compliment too. You sang them in a way I’d never even imagined them being sung.”

If Courtney had known she was giving a shower concert to the lead singer of Shard, and singing one of their songs, she knew she’d have thought better of doing it in the shower, or anywhere! With Courtney blushing, Shane took her by the hand,

“Come on, let’s get out of here, the limo’s arrived.” … ‘

Get ‘Rockstar United’ now from: Amazon or Barnes and Noble

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