Rockstar Exclusive – Part 7 of the Steamy Erotic Romance Now Out!

Rock star Romance Series

Coming hot on the heals of part six, is part seven: ‘Rockstar Exclusive‘! Courtney has been through so much for Shane – and he knows it – but after what happened at the end of part six (Don’t worry, no spoilers here,) she just doesn’t know which way to turn.

Shane’s famous mentor means well, but could be the cause of a deep rift between her and Shane. But the world famous rock star needs to draw a line in the sand for Courtney, to once and for all prove his love to the former virgin. But what the lead guitarist, Bam, is about to reveal, will incense Shane, and you just know if you’ve been following the series, that an angry bad-boy Shane is not to be messed with!

But there is one man who has it in for the couple, and he is about to perform his last act of revenge against them. How will Shane deal with it? Will he dig deep to rise to the challenge for Courtney, or will other distractions pull him away as they have previously done?

Find out now, on: Amazon or Barnes and Noble

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