Fornication – The Nuns Temptation

religious taboo erotic romance

I’ve been awaiting a cover change on this new release before posting it here on my blog. Fornication is an erotic romance novella based in a medieval Sicilian convent, and it’s at once touching and also hot! It follows the story of curvaceous Felicia, a young girl who enters the convent due to poverty, yet finds her love of the sensual too much of a temptation to resist!

I did a fair bit of research for this title, as I was fascinated by the history of the Sicilian Cistercian nuns. They were famed in Sicily for making pastries that looked like breasts, men’s manhoods and women’s secret delights (really, I’m not making this up!) Although confined to the convent, they would sell these pastries to the public through a grill in the wall, the men never seeing their faces. And it’s here that Felicia (our main character) meets a man who’s green eyes and rugged physique ignites her innate passions, passions and desires that are forbidden to her!

I’m sure you’re going to like it, it’s longer than most of my usual work, and it’s very romance-sensuality driven. I’ve always felt there’s a very strong connection between food, sex and love, and with the religious taboo elements, it’s the perfect decadent read 😉

It also has a few nice five star reviews on Amazon, click below to take a look at them.

You can get it here now:  Amazon or Barnes and Noble


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