Seven Sexy Spartan Facts!

Spartan Breeding Erotica

With the release of my erotica short story ‘Spartan Breeding‘, I’d like to tell you some interesting facts about Sparta and Spartans. When I do a historical piece, I like to research into that particular time period and place (yep, even for erotica.)

I’ve always liked the Spartans, I mean, who wouldn’t? Arguably the greatest warrior race of all time, and in my mind, exceptionally muscular. In fact, this is most likely true, as Spartans were enrolled in physical and military training from the age of seven until twenty called the Agoge.

So without further ado, check-out these Seven Sexy Spartan Facts, a few are real eye-openers!

1. Spartan women enjoyed equal rights to males, the only place in the history of the ancient world (and up until recent times,) where this was so. Women could own land and even insult males if they felt the males were not strong enough, or, just if they fancied it. Nowhere else did women have more freedom and higher status than in Sparta.

2. Spartan males everyday ate a concoction of pigs blood, vinegar and black beans. It led one Athenian to comment, “If I had to eat that everyday, I also wouldn’t fear death.” (OK, this one’s not very sexy!)

3. Women were allowed to enter politics and have influence on Sparta itself. Helen of Troy –  said to be the most beautiful woman in the world – was the former wife of a Spartan king who did a runner (probably because of the food.)

4. Spartan girls were educated like the males, but with less focus on warfare. They were literate and numerate, something unheard of in the ancient world. Physical excercise was encouraged, and Spartan women wore dresses that parted all the way up either side of their legs, up to their hips. This was considered scandelous in ancient Greece where women were supposed to just stay at home and heavily cover themselves (but no one was going to say this directly to the Spartans.)

5. The word ‘laconic’, meaning to speak with berevity and wit, comes from Sparta, as they were taught to speak this way from youth. The word itself is derived from the name ‘Laconia’, the name for the whole of Spartan territory. Queen Gorgo (wife of Leonidas – The 300,) was once asked by a woman from Attica why Spartan women were the only women that could rule men, to which she tersly replied “Because we are the only women who are mothers of men.” (In other words, your men, are not really men.)

Spartan Facts

6. Spartan women could take a lover with their husbands permission, bearing in mind they were often away on war campaigns. The lover could either be male or female.

7. Sparta is thought to be the first place to practice athletic nudity, both the males and females. The Olympics actually originates in Sparta, and frankly, it would be a much more entertaining event nowadays, if all the athletes were naked (obviously this is just my personal opinion.)

So there you have it, honestly there are many, many more things fascinating about Sparta, and I think any woman would have been lucky to be born in Sparta in those times. Oh ya, and I almost forgot, I wrote a sexy story 😉  and I guess it goes without saying that Spartan prince Agis in my story, is an all alpha-male…

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