My First Menage!

Menage Erotica

I’m sure many of you have read one of my most popular titles My First Time, and/or the sequel My First Anal Time (Censored on Amazon because of the naughty title/image, they’ve been doing a lot of that recently.)

Well, now comes My First Menage, the last in the trilogy of stand-alone stories! Those of you familiar with the story, will know that apha-male gang-leader bad-boy Rob, stopped at nothing to get twenty-one year old Stacy’s virginity; then, he came up with a ruse to ‘compel’ Stacy to let him take her ‘anal virginity’ (I’m sure many of you liked the twist at the end of that one.)

This time, Rob’s long-lost childhood friend pays him a visit, and he’s also a gang-leader from across town! Muscular Rob and Bane suggest a menage to Stacy, but she absolutely refuses! But if Rob was bad enough alone, then with Bane by his side, the pair hatch a plan that Stacy just can’t refuse to act-upon, despite herself!

You can get My First Menage on Amazon  Barnes and Noble or for multipe files (Apple epubs) go to All Romance Ebooks

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