Rockstar Support – Part 8 of the Rock Star and the Virgin!

Rock star erotic romance

I’ll be the first to admit, I’m playing catch-up on my blog posts. I had some technical issues that took a while for me to sort out (I’m not the most technical of people.) But it seems only right that I post the releases I’ve made up to this point.

So, without futher ado, let’s talk about ‘Rockstar Support‘, part 8 of the erotic romance series ‘The Rockstar and the Virgin’ (the series re-named due to censorship on Amazon as ‘Rockstar Beginnings’.)

Rockstar Support see’s Shane finally having to face one of his weaknesses, his drug use. Now, I will admit, perhaps that subject is unsavory to some. But there is a fair bit of realism in some of my work, and would anyone really believe a rockstar wouldn’t be involved with drugs at some point in their life? It’s not the oft realism I generally seek that somehow a rock star is squeky clean. Our Shane is a complex bad-boy, that has been hurt by life and his childhood.

But there is one person who see’s Shane for who he really is, and knows what he really needs. No matter how difficult it is for her, Courtney knows what must me done. And the good news is they have couples re-hab!

With Shane going cold-turkey, Courtney finds a way to keep his mind on something else! And they have plenty of opportunities too 😉

Get part 8 of The Rockstar and the Virgin Series at: Amazon  Barnes and Noble  Apple or for multiple file types A.R.E

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