Two Naughty Shorties – Latest Releases

I’ve recently released two spicy erotica  titles I think you’re going to like! The first is ‘Double Check’, a menage story with two very eligible and attentive doctors, and ‘Backstage Entrance’, an erotic story about a bad-boy superstar with some special requirements.

menage eroticaCeline Robins has been going for more than regular check-ups with the handsome and eligible Doctor Cole, but although Doctor Cole has some obvious attraction to Celine, he is trying his best to remain professional. Yet the tall Doctor Cole is showing signs of his desire for the twenty-six year old Celine, and during a check-up, a junior Doctor accidently walks in as Doctor Cole is at an intimate stage of the examination.

Unexpectedly, Doctor Cole asks the blonde and broad-chested Doctor Walker for a second opinion, and with two very attractive Doctor’s giving her their undivided medical attention, Celine feels the obvious tension between the three of them building to uncontrollable proportions.

Get Double Check at:  Amazon  Apple  Barnes and Noble  or All Romance Ebooks

anal eroticaSarah has just graduated and is looking for employment. Meeting a fellow alumni that works in the entertainment industry, she’s surprised when he says he might have just the job for her. But what she doesn’t know, is who she’ll work for. Chase Bridge’s is a surly bad-boy A-list actor with a penchant for ‘backdoor’ loving, and when he see’s Sarah, he knows that she is someone who is beyond all the others.

Sarah is shocked when she see’s it’s Chase she will work for, as he’s always been a part of her erotic fantasies, but what Chase has in mind for her ‘interview’ is sure to bring out a side of her she never knew she had.

Get Backstage Entrance at:  Amazon   Apple  Barnes and Noble or All Romance Ebooks

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