The Seven Days of Erotic Christmas Bargains and Freebies!

Christmas Erotica

This Christmas I’m going to be treating all those on my email list to a bonanza of free stuff and bargains as a thanks for supporting me! It’ll start from the 26th of December (I don’t want to to disturb you unwrapping your presents on the 25th!)

This ‘Seven Days of Erotic Christmas Bargains and Freebies‘ will continue EVERYDAY until the 2nd of January!

I’ll be showing you bundles of stories of mine that individually would retail at $11.96 if you bought them separately, for 0.99 (for a limited time!) There will be quite a few of these over the Christmas period! I’ll also be giving you part one and two of a new hot series I’ve begun for free!

Not only that, but I’ve got a novel length erotic romance coming out that will be 0.99 (normally at least $4.99,) but I’ll only show those of you on the list where to find it (big hint here!)

I’m also going to be directing you to a place where you can download some of my titles for free on those days!

I’m going to be showing you an AMAZING value bundle of titles from bestselling authors Selena Kitt, Carl East, Delilah Fawkes, Alexx Andria as well as many other well-known erotica authors (including me of course, with a title released exclusively at first in this collection!) This bundle of hot erotic titles will only be 0.99 (value = $26.91 if you buy them separately!) So make sure you sign up so I can tell you when it becomes available!

There’s still time to add yourself to my list here: Anita Dobs Erotic List, Remember, I only send out emails when new titles become available, or when I have a discount to offer those on my list.

PS: Don’t forget, I’m only going to be telling you all of this over the Christmas period to those on the list. Merry Christmas!


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