Nine Sizzling Erotic Ghost Stories Box Set!

paranormal erotic romance

Just released is a HUGE bargain erotic romance box set of nine chillingly hot stories that’ll keep you awake at night for all the right reasons, at just $0.99!

Paranormal Erotic Romance

And this box set contains my story ‘Spirit’, that is exclusively released at this time only in this anthology!

Spirit is the story of a man and womans love that even death cannot destroy, but it’s not only death they have to contest with!

If you were to purchase all of these stories separately, they would cost you around $29, but here – for possibly a limited time – they are all just $0.99 for the lot!

This box set contains nine stories from all of these authors, (and you’ll probably recognize more than a few):

Polly .J Adams & Ruby Fielding
Alexx Andria
Anita Dobs (That’ll be me!)
Carl East
Delilah Fawkes
Selena Kitt
Savannah Reardon
Leona .D Reish
Giselle Renarde

What are you waiting for :p, get it now: ‘Sizzling Erotic Ghost Stories Anthology Box Set – Paranomal Thrills, and Sexy Chills!’

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