My First Times – The Box Set

Reluctant Erotica

The ‘My First Times’ Box Set! Three of my hot stories in one:

Twenty-one year old Stacy has been saving herself. Saving herself for a good clean-cut career minded man like John, her boyfriend. But her brother Justin one day brings over his alpha male gang leader friend to their affluent suburban home, the muscular and arrogant Rob. Although Stacy feels some confusing sense of attraction toward Rob, she would never do anything with him no matter how persistent he is. That is, until one fateful day, Rob catches Stacy in a compromising position…

Join Stacy and the bad-boy alpha male Rob in these three hot erotic stories, as Rob seeks to make Stacy all his…

Included in this adults only reluctant virgin 16,688 word box set collection is:

1. My First Time

2. My First Anal Time


3. My First Menage

Get the My First Times Box Set on: Amazon or Barnes and Noble

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