The Billionaire’s Secret is Revealed – Part 6 of Her Billionaire’s Creative Curve!

bbw erotic romance

Part six of the bbw curves erotic romance series is just out, and Jenna – her life changing because of the handsome billionaire – is about to find her life changing forever, but not necessarily all for the better!

Brody Mason’s dark secret finally revealed, Jenna is left reeling and doesn’t know who to turn to. The billionaire recounts his sad past, and pleads with her to understand his plight. But as much as Jenna loves him, there are some things that just can’t be allowed.

Brody is left forlorn, but doesn’t want to give up, and as the rain crashes down, Jenna has an almost fated meeting that could potentially change everything. …

Get it now on: Amazon  Barnes and Noble   Google Play  or  A.R.E  (Google Play and A.R.E for epub/PDF)

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