Her Billionaire’s Creative Curve Part 7 With Excerpt!

billionaire erotic romance

Part seven of the bbw erotic romance series is released and now available, read the steamy excerpt below if you dare;)

With a major decision about the billionaire Brody Mason to make, Jenna thinks she’s finally made up her mind to stay with him, when an unexpected spanner is thrown in the works. But Brody is about to do something for Jenna that will make her decision much harder!

The billionaire with hidden depths, is at a loss without his curvacious love. Determined to do all it takes to win back his soul mate, a dilemma however presents itself

*Spoiler Alert Excerpt!*

‘His manly scent was still filling me, and his hand tentatively began to take the sheets off of my legs. I could tell he was looking all over me, his eyes I imagined inflamed with desire – this thief in the night that had come into my house uninvited to steal my heart. Both of his hands then moved down my side simultaneously, it was as if he was trying to take all of me in. Suddenly, I realized this was all so wrong, and tried to speak. But one of his hands arrived over my mouth, indicating that I should neither speak nor make a single sound.

I acquiesced, my last vestige of defiance broken, as I had wanted it to be. His tongue began to wind its way down my belly, until he teased it within my navel, two hands then smoothing under my buttocks, and raising them slightly. His lips began to smooth over my pubic bone, and quite involuntarily, my hips rose once more, as if begging him for what I knew must come. My legs parted, I didn’t know if it was him or if it was me that had done it, but then I felt those warm dangerous lips on my own hidden gold…’

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