Her Billionaire’s Creative Curve Part 8!

bbw erotic romance

Part eight of the bbw erotic suspense series, Her Billionaire’s Creative Curve is out now!

Deciding to move ahead in their relationship together, Brody and Jenna try to work out their differences. But although Brody’s love for Jenna is apparent, there is still one final bridge to cross before the pair can truly enjoy the new trust that has been won between them. Jenna feels pensive, but realizes there is something she’d rather not do, that she must

Detective Briggs though, is not a man to let sentimentality get in his way, and an anonymous tip-off tells him all he needs to know about billionaire Brody Mason, and his past that has been shrowded in mystery…

Get Her Billionaire’s Creative Curve 8 now, on:  Amazon  Barnes and Noble  Google Play   A.R.E  or  Kobo

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