Her Billionaire’s Creative Curve – Part 9

billionaire erotic romance

The penultimate part nine of the bbw erotic romance, Her Billionaire’s Creative Curve is out now!

With her daring move about to take place, and everything on the line with billionaire Brody Mason, Jenna find indecision getting the better of her, but will she finally make a choice to go through with the gambit that will seal her fate with billionaire Brody Mason once and for all?

Brody Mason must pull-off one of the most audacious moves of his secret career, in order to ensure his and Jenna’s future happiness. But one detective believes he has Brody right where he wants him. In this part nine, it’s a race of time, and battle of wits, to decide who will win this game of chess with high stakes, and ever shifting pieces…

Get Her Billionaire’s Creative Curve 7 now, on: Amazon  Barnes and Noble  A.R.E or Google Play

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