Doctors Orders – First Time Erotica

doctor erotica

It’s been a while since I’ve released a hot erotic story because I’ve been concentrating on writing one of my series.

But just released today is ‘Doctors Orders – The First Time‘, the story of virginal Jenny’s surprise meeting in the doctor’s clinic, with the handsome Doctor Bradley Manning…

Due to low grades, twenty-one year old Jenny takes her frustration out on her car door, but unfortunately injures her knee. Taking a trip to her local Doctor’s clinic, she’s disappointed to find out her usual Doctor is too busy to see her. But in his place is the new and delectable Bradly Manning (M.D)

Unsure of if to put her trust in the young but experienced Doctor, Jenny finds all her doubts melting away when he notices her on the way to the water-cooler and inquires about her injury. It is then that Jenny realizes who, and what, she’s been saving her virginity for, for all those years…

Get Doctors Orders – The First Time now, on:  Amazon  Barnes and Noble  Google Play   Apple  A.R.E  or  Kobo

ps: For everyone who’s waiting for the final part 10 of Her Billionaire’s Creative Curve, the bbw erotic romance series, it’ll be out this coming Tuesday!


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