The Initiation – Anal Erotica

anal biker erotica

It’s time for a racy title, in The Initiation, a biker anal erotica story, that’ll hit all the right places 😉

Here’s the background to the story:

Small town girl Becca, yearns to escape the stifling restrictions of her hometown and the closed minds of the locals and her parents. Packing her bags and leaving – forsaking a marriage to clean-cut banker, Daniel – she takes to the road, hitch-hiking to satiate her wanderlust.

Cas is the rough and tough leader of a biker gang, and one day happens upon Becca in distress. Taking the law into his own hands against the perpetrator, the tattooed bad-boy biker shows all the reasons why he’s the leader of the pack. Becca is confused about her feelings when she decides she wants to stay around the muscular Cas, but first, she must pass an initiation test that will expose her deepest fantasy that has remained hidden for years…

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