Seduction – Vampire Erotica

vampire erotica

Just released is an vampire erotica story called ‘Seduction’ about a nurse called Mary, who’s only desire is to heal, But Jack, a vampire who has remained as youthful as he was was he was bitten, some hundreds of years before, is torn by his own nature, and has other desires…

Mary, a nurse in a hospital, is one day captivated by a mysterious stranger in the waiting room. Feeling an almost invisible ‘pull’ toward him, she decides to throw caution to the wind and try to approach him, yet fate intervenes…

Jack is a vampire that has chosen – by force of will – to abstain from the blood of humans, but when he sees Mary, not only does he have an irresistible attraction to her, but she has something else he simply must get from her. Conflicted by his carnal and primal desires, Jack is torn between two diametrically opposing paths…

Warning: This is vampire erotica, and contains a story only suitable for adults!

Get ‘Seduction, Vampire Erotica’ now, on:  Amazon  Barnes and Noble  Apple  Google Play  Kobo  A.R.E or  Smashwords


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