Rear Rider – Anal Western Erotica – Erotic Moments

anal western erotica

Ever wanted to be rode from behind by a rough and tough cowboy? Well neither has the protagonist of my latest erotic release, Rear Rider (Anal Western Erotica), but all that’s about to change

Betrothed to a man she’s never even met, Hannah is sent by her Father to meet with him in San Diego. Alone on the stagecoach, the bumping movement leads the virginal Hannah to have sensations in a region of her body she knows she shouldn’t have them. But Hannah’s journey is about to be violently impeded…

Wil is a rugged bounty hunter who, by chance, meets Hannah. The two of them find an attraction growing between them, in the middle of nowhere beside the night campfire. But Hannah knows she can’t lose the virginity that is supposed to be for another, Wil, however, has a suggestion, but Hannah is pensive…

Get Rear Rider – Erotic Moments (Anal Western Erotica) now, on: Amazon   Barnes and Noble   Google Play   Apple   Kobo   A.R.E  or  Smashwords

ps:  Rear Rider is now a top 100 Amazon bestseller in the erotic westerns category!

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