Free New Adult Erotic Romance!

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Untouchable You, New Adult Romance Novella Free for a limited time and now available on:
All Romance or Google Play

I’ve just gotten a new cover done for Untouchable You, which I think is more fitting than the previous cover. Looks nice right?

I wrote ‘Untouchable You’ quite some time ago now, and some of you on may have picked it up for free before, but for those of you that haven’t, do be sure to get your copy soon; and I do mean soon, as it’ll only be free for a few days before I put the price back up!

It usually sells for $3.99; so free, you’re getting quite a saving. I’ve always felt that this book deserved a part two and maybe part three, but am still undecided if it’s popular enough to warrant it, and what with writing other series and short stories, I still don’t know.

So if you really like it, help me decide by leaving a review on either Google Play or All Romance and I’ll get a ballpark idea if enough people would want to read a part two.

Thanks a lot!

Enjoy, and remember to get it now:
All Romance or Google Play


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