Taken by the Alpha Caveman – Caveman Breeding!

breeding erotica

My hot new erotic short story Alpha Breed is out now, and with this one, we go back to the time when men didn’t beat about the bush where their desires were concerned – Alpha males that took what they wanted!

Alpha Breed – Taken by the Caveman, is the story of one virgin female’s chance meeting with a alpha Caveman that won’t let anything stand in the way of the woman he wants.

In prehistoric times, a lone female is taken by a powerful male, who is intent on mating with her, yet there is another alpha caveman who desires the prehistoric female, and he is about to forcefully challenge the first male for her favors, so she will then receive his alpha seed!

Warning! This story contains all-alpha breeding!

Get it now on:  Amazon  Barnes and Noble  Google Play  Apple  A.R.E  or  Smashwords

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