Fifty Shades of Grey Tentacles 2 Just Released: Fifty Shades of Grey Masks!

fifty shades of grey masks

Part two of the best erotica category finalist Fifty Shades of Grey Tentacles, Fifty Shades of Grey Masks is out now! You can get it on Amazon  Barnes & Noble  Google Play  Kobo  All Romance and Smashwords! (Apple is being a bit slow, but I’ll add the link when it goes live.)

I think you’re going to like where I’ve taken the love-struck couple in part two, and there are more than a few surprises along the way.

If you’ve not begun this series, see links at the bottom where you can find part one for free for a limited period of time!

*Spoiler Alert*

Those who have read part one, will know the complicated relationship between Grey and Elle James is growing, but with some obvious (and not so obvious) challenges facing them both. But one thing that Elle can’t get enough of, is billionaire Grey’s tentacle bondage!

I’ve added elements that keep both the characters growing, and Grey and Elle begin to discover things about themselves as each of them act as a catalyst for the other.

Grey – being an all alpha alien from another world – begins to learn more and more about the differences between men and women and their thought processes on Earth. Elle, for her her part, also has to confront things about male/female relationships that she’d never considered before.

The power dynamic between the pair is also sorely tested, and Elle finds her feelings confused further by several admirers after her attentions.

Here’s an exclusive sneak-peak excerpt from the potential break-up scene between Grey and Elle, as Grey realizes it’s too dangerous for their relationship to continue:


“Elle, I think it would be wise if we broke-up. It’s just not safe for you to be connected to me anymore.”

I was shocked, the thought of breaking-up with Grey was just too much to bear. I’d already been through so much just to be with him, and I then realized just how much he meant to me. No villain or tentacled hero really compared to him, I realized, so I told him firmly,

“You can’t break-up with me!”

Grey was taken-aback,

“Why can’t I break-up with you? It’s for your own safety.”

“You’re just being selfish.”

“Selfish!? How is me breaking-up with you to protect your life being selfish?”

“Because it just makes it easier for you so you don’t have to worry about me. Therefore, it’s not an altruistic act on your part, it’s a selfish one, and besides, you’ve already killed an angel in heaven.”


“Every time you take a girls virginity, an angel in heaven dies.”

“Really! How is that even logical?”

“I don’t expect you to understand Mr. Grey, you’re an alien, and this is Earth’s culture. Just take it as a given, and try not to feel too guilty.”

“Well, this changes everything.”

“I thought it might.”


“I said, I completely understand. It’s just because you’re normal and human, with a moral compass that’s finding its way back to where it should be.”

“But I’m not human.”

“You know what I mean Mr. Grey, it’s a figure of speech, stop trying to be disingenuous and weasel your way out of your responsibilities. You got the virginity, did you not think there would be a price to pay?”

“There wasn’t with the others.”

“Well, they were quite obviously sluts then, weren’t they. I’m not like that, I expect recompense for my sacrifice.”

I realized Grey needed a little incentive to help sweeten the pot, and I slid my hand up his thigh, close to the bulge in his pants,

“Why don’t we… you know.”

Grey looked unsure and still tried to protest, so I undid his zip and pulled from his crisp white boxer shorts that hard, proud erect cock of his,

“Oh Grey, someone’s definitely pleased to see me.”

Grey continued to try to talk,

“Elle, we… really… can’t… ”

And then his mouth stopped moving, and a glazed expression of absolute joy passed over his face, as I began to tickle his balls,

“What were you saying?” I asked.

He tried to mouth the words, but nothing came out, his jaw relaxed, his mouth unable to be controlled by his cerebral cortex anymore, with all the blood rushing away from it, and toward his nether regions.

“Oh Mr. Grey, how I’ve missed you.” I told him, bending downwards and puckering my lips on the tip of his fresh cock, “Oh it tastes so good. How dare you even suggest I can’t see my naughty boy anymore.”

I looked up at him as I moved my tongue around his most sensitive billionaire tip, giving him a cheeky wink, and I could see any desire to mention breaking-up was evaporating completely, his iron will-power breaking-down in an instant, as he watched me working my way around his member.

“How about I let you do all those things to me that Mr. Irony had been fantasizing about doing with me. He was definitely preparing to fuck me roughly,” I engulfed his hard dick in my mouth, just one deep and delicious suck before I brought it out again and licked my tongue around the ridge rapidly, giving a little giggle, “Oh Mr. Grey, I’m sure Mr. Irony was planning to dominate me, he had me all tied up, I wasn’t even sure that I didn’t want it… I was so confused. Perhaps he would have been more manly than you.”

Grey suddenly became like a man possessed and ripped my top open …

Get Fifty Shades of Grey Masks now, onAmazon  Barnes & Noble  Apple  Google Play  Kobo  All Romance and Smashwords

Warning: Although The Fifty Shades of Grey Tentacles Series is satirical humor, it is also explicit erotica, and contains adult themes!

Get part one now free for a short time at the following retailers: Google Play  Kobo  and  All Romance




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