Transformers Biker Erotica Cover Reveal – Maximus Reverberatus!

Transformers biker erotica sci fi

Out this Friday will be my transformers erotica story, Maximus Reverberatus, Dawn of her Destiny! Here’s the cover, and I think you’ll agree, a lot of love and attention went into this story.

Here’s the background!

‘As one of the few surviving fertile females left on an Earth made barren after the Tech-wars, virginal Sarah protects her most precious assets in the hope that she will find an all alpha male to continue the human race as it should be. Hordes of genetically weak beta males stalk the wastelands looking for a rare female that will take their seed in the hope that they can birth an alpha to lead their group, with Sarah being a prime target for their furtive desires…

Maximus Reverberatus, a motorbike Transformer-Bot, stolen from the industrial-military complex and highly customized to appear, act and feel just like an a real man, travels the desert looking for the one female, who Dale – the alpha-male biker gang leader who programmed him – hopes will finally allow him to complete his mission … ‘

Look out for Maximus Reverberatus – Dawn of her Destiny, this Friday, and find out why man and machine are really the perfect combination!

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