Transformers – Erotic Alpha Male-Machines in Disguise!

Transformers biker erotica sci fi

Just released! Transformer Biker Erotica, Maximus Reverberatus – Dawn of her Destiny. Now, some of you may be thinking this is some kind of joke on my part, but I assure you, it’s not!

This story is alpha biker hot! Look below after the background of the story for a small sample:

‘As one of the few surviving fertile females left on an Earth made barren after the Tech-wars, Sarah protects her most precious assets in the hope that she will find an all-alpha-male to continue the human race as it should be. Hordes of genetically weak beta males stalk the wastelands looking for a rare female that will take their seed in the hope that they can birth an alpha to lead their group, with Sarah being a prime target for their furtive desires…

Maximus Reverberatus, a motorbike Transformer-Bot, stolen from the industrial-military complex and highly customized to appear, act and feel just like an a real man, travels the desert looking for the one female, who Dale – the alpha-male biker gang leader who programmed him – hopes will finally allow him to complete his mission … ‘

Here’s a sneak-peak excerpt just for you all:

“Maximus Reverberatus moved toward me, and then knelt down in front of me, his hand reaching up and running through my hair, before he let a slight vibration run through it that entered my skull, with a somehow delightful pleasure shimmering all the way down my spine, and then curving upwards between my legs. The circles of his blue eyes widened, his jaw slightly opening, with me being able to see his rows of perfect chromed teeth, and the soft tongue hidden behind them … “

Get Maximus Reverberatus – Dawn of her Destiny, transformer sci-fi erotica, now on:  Amazon  Barnes & Noble  Google Play  Apple  Kobo  A.R.E  or  Smashwords

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