My Two Werewolves – Shifter Menage!

werewolf menage

It’s been quite some time since I’ve written a werewolf story, but I must say, I had lots of fun writing this one (winks!) My Two Werewolves is a romantic hot shifter menage story, here’s the background:

‘The mysterious De Florian brothers family line has lived for centuries in their mansion on the outskirts of the sleepy town of Gosford. The two billionaire brothers, Rafe and Buck – often at odds with each other and highly competitive – keep themselves to themselves, and with good reason too.

Cindy, a voluptuous waitress in a local diner, is one day charged with making a delivery to their home, and in the cab on the night of the full moon, she travels up the winding roads for an unexpected rendezvous.

When Rafe sees a woman more attractive to him than any other, he desires to claim her for his own and invites her in, but his brother Buck suddenly makes an appearance, and a struggle for Cindy’s affections begins … ‘

Get ‘My Two Werewolves‘ (Billionaire BBW Werewolf Menage Romance) now, on:  Amazon  Apple  Barnes & Noble   Google Play  Kobo  A.R.E  or  Smashwords

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