Taken by the Tentacles – All at Sea!

tentacle monster

All at Sea – Taken by the tentacles‘ is now released! All at sea is the story of spoiled Missy, a ship Captain’s virgin daughter that is taken by force down to the depths of the mysterious, unfathomable ocean – and the depths of her desires – by a half-man, half tentacle monster from the unknown!

Here’s the story so far:

‘Missy Malone’s Daddy is the Captain of a ship, and always takes her on voyages with the strong sailors on the high sea, and Missy always gets the sailors hot and bothered in her sailor suit hot-pants with blue piping, much to her Father’s chagrin. But Missy is holding out for someone special for her first time, yet never fails to tease all the guys on deck.

Spoiled Missy, has Daddy wrapped right around her little finger, but what she doesn’t realize is that during a wild storm, a beast from beneath will be wrapped all around her… ‘

Get ‘All at Sea – Taken by the Tentacles‘ now, on:  Amazon,  Barnes and Noble,  Apple,  Google Play,  Kobo,  A.R.E  or  Smashwords

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