Taboo Temple – Erotic Moments

anal erotica

Teacher and Student college erotic adventure ‘Taboo Temple – Erotic Moments‘, is just released. Join Jane and the muscular Professor Jones on their romp through the Amazon that turns into a BDSM ritual that neither ever expected!

Here’s the story:

Adventurous college student Jane, fantasizes every day in her lectures about the ruggedly handsome and intelligent, Professor Jones. Jones’ Summer break expeditions are the stuff of legends on the campus, and he always gives one lucky student the chance to join him through a fair classroom test. Most of the girls have no interest in taking part, but Jane can’t resist

Deep in the sweltering heat of the Amazon jungle, Professor Jones and Jane search for a lost tribe and the emerald statue they are alleged to posses, but when the heathen tribes people capture them both, there is a shocking religious ritual they must perform for the tribetogether!

Warning: Contains BDSM, and first time dubious consent anal sex between a muscular professor and his student in the dizzying heat of the tropics!

Get ‘Taboo Temple – Erotic Moments Teacher & Student Anal Erotica‘ now, on:  Amazon / Barnes & Noble / Apple / Kobo / A.R.E or Smashwords

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