The Billionaire’s Milkmaid – Milk or Cream?

Billionaife's Milkmaid

What does the man who has everything want? My newest release, The Billionaire’s Milkmaid – Milk or Cream, answers that question for single girl, Linda.

Linda is a woman without a job due to embarrassment over her milky condition, wants so badly to feel normal and begin a long-term relationship. Although her friend Barbara tries to encourage her, Linda can’t seem to find a way forward. Men shun her when they find out about her physical condition, that is, until she is introduced to an enigmatic billionaire who has been searching for the perfect woman for years…

Hayes, a self-made billionaire oil magnate, has everything he could possibly want, except a relationship that fulfills his every desire. Almost having given up his hope, he one day learns of a very special lady through a mutual friend, and decides to do everything in his power to meet her…

Get The Billionaire’s Milkmaid – Milk or Cream now, on: Amazon / Barnes & Noble / Apple / Google Play / Kobo / A.R.E or Smashwords

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