Vampire’s Desire – Vampire Erotic Romance Box Set x3

vampire erotic romance

Just released is ‘Vampire’s Desire’, a x3 box set you can save 60% on, when buying these as THREE in one smoulderingly delicious vampire erotica stories! Titles include:

The Breeding Vampire – Rough & Reluctant:

One night, feeling a strange and uncharacteristic urge, twenty-two year old Carolyn decides to take her dog for a walk in the local park. But what she couldn’t possibly know, was that Phadreus – a vampire who’s time for breeding has come – is there, fighting against his own powerful urge to breed, and waiting and hoping he will find the right female…

Vampire Billionaire – Taking the Virgin:

Platinum blond Diana, has been waiting for a man to compel her to give her virginity to him, yet none have been able to meet her high standards. Her purity of spirit radiates everywhere she goes, but one fateful day, as she walks along the New York streets, she passes a man who seems to recognize her, in the deep blue of his pained eyes…

Seduction – His Final Temptation:

Mary, a nurse in a hospital, is one day captivated by a mysterious stranger in the waiting room. Jack is a vampire that has chosen – by force of will – to abstain from the blood of humans, but when he sees Mary, not only does he have an irresistible attraction to her, but she has something else he simply must get from her…

Warning: This box set contains the insatiable vampire’s desires for the woman they simply must make their own, only suitable for adults!

Note: These vampire stories have strong dubious consent themes… ya know, vampire’s are so hypnotically irresistible after all, but just so you’re aware, the Apple itunes version has been edited to have the dubious consent themes removed as per their requirements (they’re still hot though, don’t worry.)

Get the Vampire’s Desire x3 Box Set now, on:  Amazon / Barnes & Noble / Google PlayApple / Kobo / A.R.E or Smashwords

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