My Menage Box Set – Save 70%!

menage box set

Save 70 % off individual titles with this just released FIVE smoking hot menage story box set, ‘My Menage’!

This 22,176 word box set includes:

Double Check: Celine Robins has been going for more than regular check-ups with the handsome and eligible Doctor Cole, but although Doctor Cole has some obvious attraction, he is trying his best to remain professional. But during an intimate stage of the examination, a junior Doctor accidentally walks in…

My First Menage: Stacy is one day introduced to gang-leader Rob’s long-lost friend from childhood, Bane. But Stacy is surprised when she finds the muscular Bane already knows of her from Rob, but is then shocked by what Rob suggests the three of them do together…

Threeway: Raina has always had a thing about her boyfriend’s best friend Tim. One night when Tim is sleeping on the sofa, and Sam and Raina are in the bedroom, one of her fantasies becomes almost impossible for her to control…

Double Lessons: Virgin college student Jill, is having very real trouble concentrating in class. No matter in the hunky Mr. Bale’s class, or listening to the equally well-built Mr. Andrews. Bale orders her to see him after the lecture, and its time for her first private lesson to begin…

Teacher’s Discipline: Tracy, a rude and unruly college student, finds out what real discipline is one day when she goes too far in class. The authoritative Mr. Harding informs her of a very special intervention meeting that she simply must attend…

Warning! This box set contains menage encounters with alpha males, teachers and Doctors, giving their undivided attentions to the women that truly deserve it!

Get ‘My Menage – Erotic Romance Box Set x5’ here:

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