Erotic Romance Novellas

Untouchable You

Two lost people living a lie find each other, and what starts out as something impossible, becomes something irresistible, despite their circumstances.

Laura, born into an emotionally stilted family, tries to buck her fathers constant demands of her, with her wild and rebellious behavior. Her casual encounters and care-free attitude make her lock horns with him constantly. Unable to find her real place in the world, it all changes one day when a debonair young man with a complex past enters her life. The relationship is, however, impossible.

Brigg’s past is fraught with danger. But when he meets Laura, a girl who’s background is so very different from his own, his feelings begin to change. Torn between the path he has already chosen and Laura, he wonders if his conflicted feelings for her are his last chance at redemption. But the wheels of destiny are already in place, and escaping them will require him to become a new man and pull-off his greatest ploy yet, in a bid to win her…


Curvaceous Felicia, a girl growing up in fifteenth century Sicily, attracts all the boys with her shapely figure, yet is so innocent she does not know why they all tease her, while at the same time they try to get close to her. But one boy in particular takes a shine to Felicia. Fate intervenes in the young girls life when she loses what little family she had left. With only two choices open to her, she accepts life as a nun in a far away town.

Confined to a Cistercian convent, she finds her duties too much of a temptation. Baking traditional Sicilian pastries seems a welcome escape as, against the rules, she finds food a worthy substitute for her body’s carnal desires, that is, until one day, a tall and muscular patron arrives and ignites all the passions within her that have been gradually bubbling to the surface…


Taking a year off as an executive in the leafy town of Rossford, Rachel hears about the young and eccentric billionaire Francis Klimpt, a local resident. One morning a letter arrives, and the proposition enclosed fills her with curiosity.

She is to become a doll, to be used and dominated by the billionaire, but she is forbidden to speak or move throughout the entire sexual encounter, apart from when he positions her in the manner of a doll. If she succeeds, she will have a large sum of money deposited in her account, but Francis Klimpt will take her to her limits.

Made-up and prepared for hours to look exactly like a doll, Rachel is set for the meeting…


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