Erotic Romance Series

His Will, My Desire – Billionaire BDSM Erotic Romance Series

Lingerie super model Victoria tires of men’s usual advances and unimaginative courtship. Feeling something is definitely missing in her successful life, she is surprised to find out she is booked while in London by a billionaire Lord for a private lingerie show at his mansion.

Giving the solitary show, Victoria finally gets to see him and is taken aback by his looks and bearing. But Lord Phillip Claringdale has an altogether different proposition for her afterward, a proposition that will change her life forever.

Victoria, unable to resist her feelings for him, becomes bound to a man with many secrets, and is thrust into the shadowy high society world he exists in…

Note: Originally serialized and published as ‘Victoria’s Secret Billionaire’.

Rockstar Beginnings – Rockstar Erotic Romance Series

Courtney, a twenty-one year old beautiful virgin, has but one dream. To meet Shane, the rockstar lead singer of ‘Shard’, one of the worlds most famous bands. Shane’s wild and exhibitionist performances have been the stuff of her erotic fantasies since her late teens, but as all the other girls her age date boys, Courtney holds out the hope that one day she’ll be able to give one man, Shane, the one thing that she’ll then never be able to give anyone else.

Shane, a twenty eight year old wolfish and exceptionally talented singer and songwriter, revels in his fame and attractiveness to women, but begins feel his life is missing the one thing that his rockstar lifestyle can’t bring him.

At a concert, his eye suddenly rests upon on a girl who quite literally stands out from the crowd… Courtney, and he very quickly becomes intrigued by her…

Her Billionaire’s Creative Curve

Curvacious para-legal secretary Jenna Sams has but one dream, to work in the art world. But her financial situation doesn’t allow for it; that is, until one day, Brody Mason, a young, handsome billionaire gold magnate walks into her life. Taken by suprise by Brody, Jenna finds Brody’s calm manner strangely intriguing. Yet, there seems to be something about Brody Mason that is tearing him apart inside.

Meeting Jenna, Brody feels a kinship that cannot be denied. Brody decides the only way he can get closer to the curvascious Jenna, is by employing her and her obvious artistic talents, talents that he, himself, has repressed and denied due to necessity for many a year…

Fifty Shades of Grey Tentacles – BDSM Billionaire Erotic Romance

Elle James, a virginal and award winning erotica author in the college Erotic Writing Club, is one day asked to do a favor by her friend, fellow erotic writing buff, Sarah. The favor is simple, all Elle has to do is take Sarah’s place and interview a world famous billionaire BDSM expert. Elle realizes the interview could really help her out with research for one of her upcoming BDSM books, and so agrees.

As a strong and willful girl, Elle has no actual interest in pursuing a BDSM lifestyle, knowing that she’s just not suited to it at all. But when she arrives and meets Mr. Grey at his corporation headquarters, she becomes confused, as she feels he’s bending her to his will.

Mr. Grey, a handsome billionaire, has a deep and dark secret though (no, not the one you’re thinking of, another deep and dark secret.) Having taken on many a submissive before, he finds there is something different about Elle, something that intrigues him. Not sure whether to confide everything in Elle and trust her, the pair however embark on a sexual journey that will take Elle to her extremes, and will force Mr. Grey to make a decision that could result in his ruin.

Warning: Although this is a work of parody, it is also a work of erotica that contains graphic sexual scenes of tentacle sex, tentacle bondage, S&M and humor!

Independence Gay Saga

Josh Devlin, a gay U.S Marine, is asked to put his life on the line when a superior attack force of all male aliens seek to take over the Earth, or, find a worthy male to take three of them on at once, in a sex battle for Earths freedom. Can Josh take their huge alien members all at once? Find out in this Sci-fi sex erotica story.

Warning: Contains M/M gay, Male Alien (multiple), Anal sex(human and alien) and much, much more gripping excitement!


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