Vampire’s Desire – Vampire Erotic Romance Box Set x3

vampire erotic romance

Just released is ‘Vampire’s Desire’, a x3 box set you can save 60% on, when buying these as THREE in one smoulderingly delicious vampire erotica stories! Titles include:

The Breeding Vampire – Rough & Reluctant:

One night, feeling a strange and uncharacteristic urge, twenty-two year old Carolyn decides to take her dog for a walk in the local park. But what she couldn’t possibly know, was that Phadreus – a vampire who’s time for breeding has come – is there, fighting against his own powerful urge to breed, and waiting and hoping he will find the right female…

Vampire Billionaire – Taking the Virgin:

Platinum blond Diana, has been waiting for a man to compel her to give her virginity to him, yet none have been able to meet her high standards. Her purity of spirit radiates everywhere she goes, but one fateful day, as she walks along the New York streets, she passes a man who seems to recognize her, in the deep blue of his pained eyes…

Seduction – His Final Temptation:

Mary, a nurse in a hospital, is one day captivated by a mysterious stranger in the waiting room. Jack is a vampire that has chosen – by force of will – to abstain from the blood of humans, but when he sees Mary, not only does he have an irresistible attraction to her, but she has something else he simply must get from her…

Warning: This box set contains the insatiable vampire’s desires for the woman they simply must make their own, only suitable for adults!

Note: These vampire stories have strong dubious consent themes… ya know, vampire’s are so hypnotically irresistible after all, but just so you’re aware, the Apple itunes version has been edited to have the dubious consent themes removed as per their requirements (they’re still hot though, don’t worry.)

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The Billionaire’s Milkmaid – Milk or Cream?

Billionaife's Milkmaid

What does the man who has everything want? My newest release, The Billionaire’s Milkmaid – Milk or Cream, answers that question for single girl, Linda.

Linda is a woman without a job due to embarrassment over her milky condition, wants so badly to feel normal and begin a long-term relationship. Although her friend Barbara tries to encourage her, Linda can’t seem to find a way forward. Men shun her when they find out about her physical condition, that is, until she is introduced to an enigmatic billionaire who has been searching for the perfect woman for years…

Hayes, a self-made billionaire oil magnate, has everything he could possibly want, except a relationship that fulfills his every desire. Almost having given up his hope, he one day learns of a very special lady through a mutual friend, and decides to do everything in his power to meet her…

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Taboo Temple – Erotic Moments

anal erotica

Teacher and Student college erotic adventure ‘Taboo Temple – Erotic Moments‘, is just released. Join Jane and the muscular Professor Jones on their romp through the Amazon that turns into a BDSM ritual that neither ever expected!

Here’s the story:

Adventurous college student Jane, fantasizes every day in her lectures about the ruggedly handsome and intelligent, Professor Jones. Jones’ Summer break expeditions are the stuff of legends on the campus, and he always gives one lucky student the chance to join him through a fair classroom test. Most of the girls have no interest in taking part, but Jane can’t resist

Deep in the sweltering heat of the Amazon jungle, Professor Jones and Jane search for a lost tribe and the emerald statue they are alleged to posses, but when the heathen tribes people capture them both, there is a shocking religious ritual they must perform for the tribetogether!

Warning: Contains BDSM, and first time dubious consent anal sex between a muscular professor and his student in the dizzying heat of the tropics!

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By the Backdoor – Hot Anal Erotica Bargain Box Set!

anal erotica bargain box set

Get the By the Backdoor x5 Box Set with a 70% discount! Bought separately, these very popular titles would cost you $14.95, but are now available together as a set for a possibly limited time.

Included in this 25,431 word box set:

ANAL M.D: A neglected housewife goes to see her handsome Doctor, only to find out she enjoys an altogether ‘different’ kind of intimate examination…

MY FIRST ANAL TIME: Stacy’s alpha gang-leader bad-boy boyfriend Rob, has already had her virginity, but now, more than anything, he needs her ‘other’ first time…

BACKDOOR BONDAGE: Home alone, a housewife gets more than she could have ever bargained for when a strapping man comes to ‘repair’ more than just her light switch…

BACKSTAGE ENTRANCE: Babysitter Sarah has always been prim and proper, but when she interviews for a job with the A-list famous bad-boy actor Chase Bridge, she finds out the truth about her deepest, darkest desires…

THE INITIATION: In need of a hero and a real man, small-town girl Becca is rescued by an all-alpha-male bike-gang leader; wanting to join him, she must first take part in a special kind of initiation just for the two of them…

Warning! This box set contains anal sex with, dubious consent, bondage, alpha males, bad-boys and Doctors, with one overriding and intense desire for their women at the forefront of their minds!

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Note: Apple itunes version has dubious consent edited out (story is slightly changed to fit this) as per their requirements, but is still steaming hot! All other retailers retain original storyline.

Taken by the Tentacles – All at Sea!

tentacle monster

All at Sea – Taken by the tentacles‘ is now released! All at sea is the story of spoiled Missy, a ship Captain’s virgin daughter that is taken by force down to the depths of the mysterious, unfathomable ocean – and the depths of her desires – by a half-man, half tentacle monster from the unknown!

Here’s the story so far:

‘Missy Malone’s Daddy is the Captain of a ship, and always takes her on voyages with the strong sailors on the high sea, and Missy always gets the sailors hot and bothered in her sailor suit hot-pants with blue piping, much to her Father’s chagrin. But Missy is holding out for someone special for her first time, yet never fails to tease all the guys on deck.

Spoiled Missy, has Daddy wrapped right around her little finger, but what she doesn’t realize is that during a wild storm, a beast from beneath will be wrapped all around her… ‘

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