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My Menage Box Set – Save 70%!

menage box set

Save 70 % off individual titles with this just released FIVE smoking hot menage story box set, ‘My Menage’!

This 22,176 word box set includes:

Double Check: Celine Robins has been going for more than regular check-ups with the handsome and eligible Doctor Cole, but although Doctor Cole has some obvious attraction, he is trying his best to remain professional. But during an intimate stage of the examination, a junior Doctor accidentally walks in…

My First Menage: Stacy is one day introduced to gang-leader Rob’s long-lost friend from childhood, Bane. But Stacy is surprised when she finds the muscular Bane already knows of her from Rob, but is then shocked by what Rob suggests the three of them do together…

Threeway: Raina has always had a thing about her boyfriend’s best friend Tim. One night when Tim is sleeping on the sofa, and Sam and Raina are in the bedroom, one of her fantasies becomes almost impossible for her to control…

Double Lessons: Virgin college student Jill, is having very real trouble concentrating in class. No matter in the hunky Mr. Bale’s class, or listening to the equally well-built Mr. Andrews. Bale orders her to see him after the lecture, and its time for her first private lesson to begin…

Teacher’s Discipline: Tracy, a rude and unruly college student, finds out what real discipline is one day when she goes too far in class. The authoritative Mr. Harding informs her of a very special intervention meeting that she simply must attend…

Warning! This box set contains menage encounters with alpha males, teachers and Doctors, giving their undivided attentions to the women that truly deserve it!

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Double Lessons – Erotic Moments – Teacher Student Menage Erotica!

teacher student erotica

My newest hot release in my ‘Erotic Moments’ catalogue is ‘Double Lessons‘, a steamy menage story where with two teacher’s and one very lucky virgin. Make sure you Check out the excerpt!

Here’s the back story:

Virgin college student Jill, is having very real trouble concentrating in class, and not just in one class either! No matter in the hunky Mr. Bale’s class, or listening to the equally well-built Mr. Andrews class, Jill is finding studying incredibly hard.

The long-legged fresh-faced student is then one day snapped out of her daydream, when Mr. Bale orders her to see him after the lecture, and what she couldn’t possibly have known, is that it’s time for her very first ‘double lesson’ to begin…

Excerpt from ‘Double Lessons – Erotic Moments‘:

I lay there with the two teachers pleasuring me, ripples of unto-fore known delight rising like a spiral inside me, two tongues incessant and unrelenting, exploring the lips and folds of my wetness. My desire for them to be inside me – in every way – was threatening to wash over me like a tidal wave. There was only one thing I didn’t know at that moment, and that was which man was actually going to get my virginity. It was so confusing, yet the kind of confusion that every girl dreams of having. Both of them then gripped at the shaft of their cocks, and looking down at my wetness, I could see how much they desired me, and they began to alternately rub their tips between my wet pussy lips, each one sliding over my sensitive clit at the very pinnacle, before the other would start at the base close to my tight opening, sliding his cock delicately up through my luscious and moist-lipped Valley…

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My Two Werewolves – Shifter Menage!

werewolf menage

It’s been quite some time since I’ve written a werewolf story, but I must say, I had lots of fun writing this one (winks!) My Two Werewolves is a romantic hot shifter menage story, here’s the background:

‘The mysterious De Florian brothers family line has lived for centuries in their mansion on the outskirts of the sleepy town of Gosford. The two billionaire brothers, Rafe and Buck – often at odds with each other and highly competitive – keep themselves to themselves, and with good reason too.

Cindy, a voluptuous waitress in a local diner, is one day charged with making a delivery to their home, and in the cab on the night of the full moon, she travels up the winding roads for an unexpected rendezvous.

When Rafe sees a woman more attractive to him than any other, he desires to claim her for his own and invites her in, but his brother Buck suddenly makes an appearance, and a struggle for Cindy’s affections begins … ‘

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Two Naughty Shorties – Latest Releases

I’ve recently released two spicy erotica  titles I think you’re going to like! The first is ‘Double Check’, a menage story with two very eligible and attentive doctors, and ‘Backstage Entrance’, an erotic story about a bad-boy superstar with some special requirements.

menage eroticaCeline Robins has been going for more than regular check-ups with the handsome and eligible Doctor Cole, but although Doctor Cole has some obvious attraction to Celine, he is trying his best to remain professional. Yet the tall Doctor Cole is showing signs of his desire for the twenty-six year old Celine, and during a check-up, a junior Doctor accidently walks in as Doctor Cole is at an intimate stage of the examination.

Unexpectedly, Doctor Cole asks the blonde and broad-chested Doctor Walker for a second opinion, and with two very attractive Doctor’s giving her their undivided medical attention, Celine feels the obvious tension between the three of them building to uncontrollable proportions.

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anal eroticaSarah has just graduated and is looking for employment. Meeting a fellow alumni that works in the entertainment industry, she’s surprised when he says he might have just the job for her. But what she doesn’t know, is who she’ll work for. Chase Bridge’s is a surly bad-boy A-list actor with a penchant for ‘backdoor’ loving, and when he see’s Sarah, he knows that she is someone who is beyond all the others.

Sarah is shocked when she see’s it’s Chase she will work for, as he’s always been a part of her erotic fantasies, but what Chase has in mind for her ‘interview’ is sure to bring out a side of her she never knew she had.

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My First Menage!

Menage Erotica

I’m sure many of you have read one of my most popular titles My First Time, and/or the sequel My First Anal Time (Censored on Amazon because of the naughty title/image, they’ve been doing a lot of that recently.)

Well, now comes My First Menage, the last in the trilogy of stand-alone stories! Those of you familiar with the story, will know that apha-male gang-leader bad-boy Rob, stopped at nothing to get twenty-one year old Stacy’s virginity; then, he came up with a ruse to ‘compel’ Stacy to let him take her ‘anal virginity’ (I’m sure many of you liked the twist at the end of that one.)

This time, Rob’s long-lost childhood friend pays him a visit, and he’s also a gang-leader from across town! Muscular Rob and Bane suggest a menage to Stacy, but she absolutely refuses! But if Rob was bad enough alone, then with Bane by his side, the pair hatch a plan that Stacy just can’t refuse to act-upon, despite herself!

You can get My First Menage on Amazon  Barnes and Noble or for multipe files (Apple epubs) go to All Romance Ebooks