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Viking Breeding – Taken by the Viking Horde!

viking breeding

I’ve just released my newest and juiciest erotic story, ‘Viking Breeding – Taken by the Viking Horde‘, set in a time when brawn and muscle were what counted the most, and when fair maidens were taken as a man’s highly valued prize.

Here’s the back story:

‘Pure and unsullied virgin, Dayna, knows nothing of the world of men and their wanton desires. One day while carrying water back to the village she sees the Viking longships in the distance, and runs back to warn the others. Little does she know, but the Viking horde is searching for someone just like her, and will stop at nothing until they find a worthy bride for their demanding King.

Muscular King Therolf, a young, rugged, and untameable Viking, has made getting what he wants his most serious endeavor. Taking the throne through battle, he now seeks a bride to share his kingdom and wealth with, and beget him offspring. Therolf grows tired of ever willing females, and yearns for the one that can truly ignite his passions, and when he casts his eyes on Dayna, he knows he’s met his match… ‘

Warning: This story is set in a time where powerful men took what they wanted by force! Adults ony!

Get ‘Viking Breeding – Taken by the Viking Horde‘ (Viking Breeding Erotica) now, from:  Amazon / Barnes & Noble / Google Play / Apple / Kobo / A.R.E or Smashwords