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Viking Breeding – Taken by the Viking Horde!

viking breeding

I’ve just released my newest and juiciest erotic story, ‘Viking Breeding – Taken by the Viking Horde‘, set in a time when brawn and muscle were what counted the most, and when fair maidens were taken as a man’s highly valued prize.

Here’s the back story:

‘Pure and unsullied virgin, Dayna, knows nothing of the world of men and their wanton desires. One day while carrying water back to the village she sees the Viking longships in the distance, and runs back to warn the others. Little does she know, but the Viking horde is searching for someone just like her, and will stop at nothing until they find a worthy bride for their demanding King.

Muscular King Therolf, a young, rugged, and untameable Viking, has made getting what he wants his most serious endeavor. Taking the throne through battle, he now seeks a bride to share his kingdom and wealth with, and beget him offspring. Therolf grows tired of ever willing females, and yearns for the one that can truly ignite his passions, and when he casts his eyes on Dayna, he knows he’s met his match… ‘

Warning: This story is set in a time where powerful men took what they wanted by force! Adults ony!

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Double Lessons – Erotic Moments – Teacher Student Menage Erotica!

teacher student erotica

My newest hot release in my ‘Erotic Moments’ catalogue is ‘Double Lessons‘, a steamy menage story where with two teacher’s and one very lucky virgin. Make sure you Check out the excerpt!

Here’s the back story:

Virgin college student Jill, is having very real trouble concentrating in class, and not just in one class either! No matter in the hunky Mr. Bale’s class, or listening to the equally well-built Mr. Andrews class, Jill is finding studying incredibly hard.

The long-legged fresh-faced student is then one day snapped out of her daydream, when Mr. Bale orders her to see him after the lecture, and what she couldn’t possibly have known, is that it’s time for her very first ‘double lesson’ to begin…

Excerpt from ‘Double Lessons – Erotic Moments‘:

I lay there with the two teachers pleasuring me, ripples of unto-fore known delight rising like a spiral inside me, two tongues incessant and unrelenting, exploring the lips and folds of my wetness. My desire for them to be inside me – in every way – was threatening to wash over me like a tidal wave. There was only one thing I didn’t know at that moment, and that was which man was actually going to get my virginity. It was so confusing, yet the kind of confusion that every girl dreams of having. Both of them then gripped at the shaft of their cocks, and looking down at my wetness, I could see how much they desired me, and they began to alternately rub their tips between my wet pussy lips, each one sliding over my sensitive clit at the very pinnacle, before the other would start at the base close to my tight opening, sliding his cock delicately up through my luscious and moist-lipped Valley…

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Taken by the Tentacles – All at Sea!

tentacle monster

All at Sea – Taken by the tentacles‘ is now released! All at sea is the story of spoiled Missy, a ship Captain’s virgin daughter that is taken by force down to the depths of the mysterious, unfathomable ocean – and the depths of her desires – by a half-man, half tentacle monster from the unknown!

Here’s the story so far:

‘Missy Malone’s Daddy is the Captain of a ship, and always takes her on voyages with the strong sailors on the high sea, and Missy always gets the sailors hot and bothered in her sailor suit hot-pants with blue piping, much to her Father’s chagrin. But Missy is holding out for someone special for her first time, yet never fails to tease all the guys on deck.

Spoiled Missy, has Daddy wrapped right around her little finger, but what she doesn’t realize is that during a wild storm, a beast from beneath will be wrapped all around her… ‘

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Transformers Biker Erotica Cover Reveal – Maximus Reverberatus!

Transformers biker erotica sci fi

Out this Friday will be my transformers erotica story, Maximus Reverberatus, Dawn of her Destiny! Here’s the cover, and I think you’ll agree, a lot of love and attention went into this story.

Here’s the background!

‘As one of the few surviving fertile females left on an Earth made barren after the Tech-wars, virginal Sarah protects her most precious assets in the hope that she will find an all alpha male to continue the human race as it should be. Hordes of genetically weak beta males stalk the wastelands looking for a rare female that will take their seed in the hope that they can birth an alpha to lead their group, with Sarah being a prime target for their furtive desires…

Maximus Reverberatus, a motorbike Transformer-Bot, stolen from the industrial-military complex and highly customized to appear, act and feel just like an a real man, travels the desert looking for the one female, who Dale – the alpha-male biker gang leader who programmed him – hopes will finally allow him to complete his mission … ‘

Look out for Maximus Reverberatus – Dawn of her Destiny, this Friday, and find out why man and machine are really the perfect combination!

Taken by the Alpha Caveman – Caveman Breeding!

breeding erotica

My hot new erotic short story Alpha Breed is out now, and with this one, we go back to the time when men didn’t beat about the bush where their desires were concerned – Alpha males that took what they wanted!

Alpha Breed – Taken by the Caveman, is the story of one virgin female’s chance meeting with a alpha Caveman that won’t let anything stand in the way of the woman he wants.

In prehistoric times, a lone female is taken by a powerful male, who is intent on mating with her, yet there is another alpha caveman who desires the prehistoric female, and he is about to forcefully challenge the first male for her favors, so she will then receive his alpha seed!

Warning! This story contains all-alpha breeding!

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