Anita Dobs Bio

Anita Dobs AuthorAnita Dobs is a best selling author of Erotica and Erotic Romance and has sold her books in over forty different countries (the last time she checked), she also intensely dislikes writing in the third person, so she will stop right this very minute!

A bit of background about me for those who are interested. I was a teacher for many a year, and although I enjoyed that job, I was still missing something. There’s only so many ways you can teach the subjects you are suppossed to without going over the same ground again and again, and getting, quite frankly, very bored.

I’ve also worked as a corporate manager for a blue chip company (no names), and again, I got bored! Corporate culture is not my ‘cup of tea’ you could say. I was successful in that career, but I can only handle ‘business speak’ for so long before I yearn for people to just talk normally.

I initially published ‘how to’ books in the non-fiction genre, before I stumbled upon erotica and was given a whole new lease of naughty life. Writing fulfills my need to use my creativity  in a myriad of different ways, which is another way of saying I like lots of different ‘positions’ and scenarios 😉

If you’d like a list of my hobbies and interests, well here they are (and I have little time for them these days, due to writing): Photography, martial arts, painting, reading and of course, sex (I still manage to find time for this, somehow.)

I could probably go on, but I’ve already bored myself and need to go on writing my newest piece (and it’s making me a bit aroused to be honest), so go read a post or buy one of my books and support my cream cake addiction 😀


ps. Sign up for my discreet  erotica list and I’ll send you one of my titles for free! I only send out mail with new releases, discounts and free titles about four times a month (max.)


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